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  1. Derita ibu melahirkan anak. vs. Sounds of the Alphabet by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  2. THE REAL I LOVE MONDAYS 04/30/2012 vs. Brad Loves Mondays - 04/30/12 by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  3. A Clockwork Orange - Break-in Scene (Warning: Graphic) vs. VIRGINIA SEGURA YANCE Metelo ya Sacalo ya ( VIDEO OFICIAL) - La única Santiaguera del Amor by VJ HappyHappyHappyHappy
  4. Taylor Swift - Style vs. ACÉPTAME EN SKYPE | Style - Taylor Swift [Parodia musical] by VJ aphrocarlin
  5. Diwan Videos - YouTube MCN vs. Diwan Videos - YouTube MCN by VJ aphrocarlin
  6. RUSSKAJA - Energia | Napalm Records vs. #SELFIE (Official Music Video) - The Chainsmokers by VJ snoopsagan
  7. K-ON!! ED "No, Thank You!" drum cover 叩いてみた vs. West African Drums | Senegal by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  8. Game of Thrones - Soundtrack House Targaryen vs. Game of Thrones - Soundtrack House Greyjoy
  9. vs. by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  10. SWAT team demo the WallBanger DoorKey vs. 03. Sade - Smooth Operator by VJ snoopsagan
  11. Overwatch Animated Short | "The Last Bastion" vs. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son by VJ It aint me starts playing
  12. DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award: 2016 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE vs. Cars (2006) scenes: That Was The Fastest Pit Stop I Ever Seen by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  13. Pussy versus Printer vs. Dethklok-Go Into The Water by VJ Vanilla
  14. Growth girl ripped clothes-popping buttons vs. Popping button and breast expansion 4 by VJ Skruller
  15. vs. by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  16. vs. by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  17. 🎧 Thunderstorm & Rain Sounds On A Window, 8 Hours Of Relaxing Wind, Rainfall And Thunder Ambience vs. The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964) by VJ aphrocarlin
  18. Alarga tu pene sin operaciones con Jes Extender vs. banda sonora piratas del caribe by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  19. Trimming trees by power line with helicopter vs. Guile's theme extended
  20. Sucker Punch Nazi Zombies Part 2 vs. Portishead - Roads by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  21. miss A - I Don't Need A Man Instrumental HQ vs. Little Mix - Hair (Instrumental) by VJ aphrocarlin
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