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  11. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country - Chancellor Gorkon's Assassination vs. Beastie Boys - Sabotage by VJ why we slap
  12. Knife Party - Centipede (Official Video) vs. Donald Trump's entrance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio by VJ why we slap
  13. [1000 IBU] IleŻ moŻna??? WaRZenie przez eR Zet vs. Melodic Instrumental Rock / Metal Arrangements #2 by VJ Gose yourself
  14. One Potato, Two Potatoes | Super Simple Songs vs. AMV - Nightmare - Bestamvsofalltime Anime MV ♫ by VJ snoopsagan
  15. vs. TALANAS - 'diaphora' OFFICIAL VIDEO (©2010 Eulogy Media Ltd.) by VJ djpete
  16. Fight Music - a Star Trek Remix (Amok Time) (Pon Farr) (Kirk vs. Spock) vs. 11 day old Nigerian Dwarf and Corgi by VJ FIGHT!
  17. Nicole Dollanganger - My Pug (Lyrics) vs. The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal [Full Album] by VJ why we slap
  18. David Bowie - Let's Dance vs. The Beatles-Hey Jude by VJ meahwahwah
  19. Chavo del Ocho - Don Ramon Profesor vs. Seu Madruga professor (completo) by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  20. vs. by VJ Ann O'Nymous
  21. [1000 IBU] IleŻ moŻna??? WaRZenie przez eR Zet vs. Dr Dre- Still Dre instrumental by VJ Gose yourself
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